Information for foreign players

You can find all information about the German Open in the “Turnierleitfaden”:

Summary of the most important information regarding the GERMAN OPEN:

The GERMAN OPEN will take place in Limburg on April 6th and 7th .

Gemeindezentrum Kolpinghaus
Kolpingstraße 9
65549 Limburg an der Lahn
(same location as last year)

Please pre-register at:
(Enter your: first name, name, Krosmaster ID and e-mail-adress)

Please notice that additionally to an ORIGINAL CARD and ORIGINAL TOKEN you need to have a GERMAN PRINT of the Krosmasters you are playing (so that children can read it as well). (regarding to points 4 and 38 from the official tournament guide)
Exceptions: Maskemane and all Krosmasters from Boufboul (because there are none).
You can find German translations at or

Please bring your own dice and a pen.

Tournament rules in general:

  1. Except for the TOP 4, we will play SWISS System (40 minutes, 5 minutes per turn). The TOP 4 will play until a player wins.
  2. Each player will have a team-sheet. Please fill this team-sheet. Your opponents will have to check your team and sign your team-sheet. (If you get a BYE, a judge will sign your sheet.) You will only reserve your prices if you have a correctly filled team-sheet.
  3. Please remember to prepare the board after every match.
  4. You are allowed to use a technical control for the 5-minute-rule.
    The first time you need more time than 5 minutes, you are told so and can end your turn during 1 minute.
    The second time you need more time than 5 minutes, you will have to play your current figure and end your turn.

Control of the teams:
During registration your team for day 1 will be checked by a judge. If you qualify for the TOP 16, you need to give your COMPLETLY FILLED (team day 1 and team day 2) team-sheet to the judges during the outgiving of the prices. The judges will return your sheet on day 2 to you.

Timetable day 1 / April 6th:
09.00 Registration and control of team day 1
10.00 Speech
10.30 Start of the first round
After the third round: break of 1 hour

Timetable day 2 / April 7th:
09.00 Registration for TOP 16 and Side Events
10.00 First round of TOP 16 and start of Side Events
13.30 Announcment of the TOP 4, Outgiving of prices
Little break
14.30 TOP 4

Team-building rules:

Day 1:
12 points SEASON constructed with the official penalty/bonus system

Day 2:
You are NOT allowed to use any figure that you’ve used on day 1!
15 points SEASON constructed with the official penalty/bonus system.
At the beginning of each match, your opponent will BAN 3 points out of your team. The player with the highest initiative bans first.
There have to be at least TWO TOTALLY DIFFERENT OPTIONS to ban 3 points.
5,3,3,3,1 is correct, if the level 3 figures are all different.
5,5,2,3 is NOT correct because there is only one option to ban a figure.

  (if you need mor examples, feel free to contact me)

You are allowed to play all figures from season 3 to 6.

Forbidden figures are:
Prince Price, Nemesis Samurai, Cardboard Tube Samurai, Dardondakal and ALL fan-based figures.

The map is „Plantation“ with it’s special rules at the beginning of the match.
(Unfortunately Ankama isn’t able to print the official Open Map until April – but every participant of the German Open will recieve the map afterwards.)

We will have some special side events for all the players who don’t qualify for the TOP 16. Just check them out when you are at the Open 😉

If you need any more information, please leave a comment 🙂